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Our Mission

Last Prophecy Evangel Parachurch is a parachurch ministry, or a KJV Bible-based mostly online congregation highly specialised in a specific doctrinal subject. A parachurch does not replace church. Think of your regular church as a spiritual foodstore, and we are a spiritual pharmacy, healing Christian communities of false doctrine and curing ignorance about the End Times.

We are online-based, as our primary goal is to produce video presentations and documentaries to publish online, but are also available as guest speakers in churches or in religious conferences. As you can see on the right hand side, I Benoît, the leader of this ministry, am a praedicator, a word I ported from the French word prédicateur. Prédicateur means preacher, but in English, preacher is sometimes associated with pastor, and I don't pastor a physical church yet (as the pastor should be the husband of one wife and I'm still single), so I ported the word from French to English using its latin root.

As explained in the welcome page, our mission is to help Christians worldwide prepare the End Times. To achieve this, we have several projects on the front- and back- burners, that you will be told about in time when each of them gets ripe.


What is important to know, is that the Rapture, or the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, will happen :


1. AFTER the rise of the Antechrist ;

2. AFTER the tribulations, or ruthless persecutions and genocide of Christians, that will last for 1335 days.

3. BEFORE God's wrath, described with the seven trumpets and the seven vials, that will be poured on those left behind after the Rapture. However, God will also send 144000 prophets on the Earth during the 3.5 years of his wrath to still give people a chance to repent and save their soul.


Once the Lord Jesus Christ will have taken to Heavens all the believers who are saved, 75 days into the reign of the Antechrist, God will unleash destruction on the Earth for 42 months, the like of which the world has never seen before.

During that time, the Antechrist will continue his reign as the heathens and unbelievers tear each other apart. However, even during the Wrath of God, many angels will roam the Earth, giving an opportunity for people who were undecided before, to still be saved.


After the destruction of Babylon, Satan will be thrown in a "cage" and all believers will rule and reign with Christ for 1000 years. After that, Satan will be unleashed and lose the Battle of Armageddon. Mankind will then "move" to "Heaven", leaving sin and sadness behind.


You can learn the details of all this in the Revelations series by Pastor Steven Anderson, who is a very knowledgable biblical scholar and a living example for all of us, or my series, both linked in the home tab. I morally support Pastor Steven Anderson in the persecutions he undergoes for Christ and for preaching the Word of God directly from the KJV Bible.


This ministry is independent and scientific. This means we are going to use science to prove points from the Bible and we will aim to reconciliate Biblical truth with scientific evidence. We are, however, ruthless against scientific frauds such as Darwinism or the Big Bang fairy tale.


You can watch sermons, or discussions on specific subjects, on our Youtube channel: 


Last Prophecy Evangel Parachurch videos


We are also maintaining a blacklist of FALSE Christian CULTS, see the forelast tab.

Meet your Prædicator

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Prédicateur Benoît Gabriel Mussche