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Thou also shalt seek strength, because of the Enemy.

Nahum 3:11

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Christ Salvation

The Bible Way to Heaven is clear when you read the book of Romans from the King James Version (KJV) of the Bible. 

God sent his beloved, only Son Jesus Christ, to live as a man amongst men, without sin (being tempted is not a sin if you don't act on it). Jesus died on the Cross for our sins, thereby washing all the sins of mankind, He then rose again after spending three days spent in Hell, spoke with his apostles, physically ate food, and ascended back to Heaven.

To be saved, and gain eternal life, all you have to do is to accept the free gift of Christ' Salvation. To do this, you must surrender your trust and put all of your faith for salvation on to the Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, and on him alone. 

He is the intercessor. 

Salvation is *not* by works, that is a false doctrine. Of course, good works (spreading the gospel, charity, helping others, ...) please the Lord and you may see rewards from your good works in your lifetime. However, in regards of the afterlife, all that matters is your faith ON the Lord Jesus Christ. 

That is, you have to admit that you are a sinner, and surrender completely your faith for salvation to the Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, the Messiah. To think that your works can save you, despite all of your sins, is both heresy and vanity.

If you want your soul to be saved, to gain eternal life, pray to God in the name of his Son, Jesus Christ. Admit you are a sinner, and that you deserve to go to Hell; invite Jesus into your heart and ask him to save your soul when you die. 

Thereby, and if you mean it, you shall be saved and nothing can take away your salvation.

There is a prayer suggestion on the contact page of this site, that you can use if you wish to secure your soul for eternal life right now.


John 5:24

Romans 3:23

Romans 6:23, 6:23b

Romans 10:9

Romans 10:13

Ephesians 2:8-9

Titus 1:2

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The Path of a Christian

Once you are saved, you can not lose your salvation, even if you backslide or make mistakes.

Romans 6:23 says: For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. 

John 5:24 says: Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that heareth my word, and believeth on him that sent me, hath everlasting life, and shall not come into condemnation; but is passed from death unto life.

Your soul is saved in the afterlife, but you could still mess up your life down here on this Earth. Just don't. God still wants us to follow his commandments and to try to live a life sinning as little as possible. Your actions, while they do not affect your Salvation, will affect on your life here on Earth and disobedience to God comes with consequences. On the other hand, there are rewards attached with good works, in this life, as well as in the Millenium and in Heaven beyond. Be a blessing to those around you, be like Jesus.

As a Christian, you have to overcome your sinful nature, by confronting the sins still in your life one by one. Angels rejoice when we have the opportunity to sin, but do not. So does the Lord when you pass the tests of life He lets you have. All the difficulties, trials, and adversity let God sculpt you during your lifetime and help you become a better person. As you grow in Christ, you rise out of reach of petty things that no longer matter. On this path, you will find that living a life that is pleasing to God, will also be pleasing you. 

You can't just choo away sin and expect to behave. For each sin you decide to overcome, you must replace it by something virtuous, or the sin will come back into the void that it left.

As you find your purpose and ways to be an example, a relief and a blessing to others, with God's help, you will find your own life fulfilled with the grace of the Lord.

You don't have to be perfect to start spreading the gospel openly to every creature. If you wait until you are perfect, you will never start. The path of a Christian life and personal improvement go hand in hand in symbiosis. Make God a priority in your life and he will help you, not just to live, but to thrive in His Glory. 

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Preparing the End Times

The book of Revelation, the last book of the Bible, is also the last biblical prophecy yet to be fulfilled.


The Book of Revelation, verse-by-verse preaching


The Book of Revelation (KJV) verse-by-verse

Pastor Anderson' series is a 22 hours, 22 episodes college-grade class preaching every verse from the book of Revelations and explaining their meanings in interlocking evidence. The series also shows the correlations between Revelation and the other books prior to it, found in the Bible.

My series is a 27 hours, 23 episodes Bible study style sitting preach that was aired live.

I also repreached Revelation verse by verse in 2016, in French en français :

L'Apocalypse - lecture et exégèse

Pastor Anderson's series is more clear, whereas my series has more scientific digressions and illustrations. I even proved the Big Bang fairy tale wrong from both science and the Bible, and put it to bed, in my study on Revelation 04.

For either series, I recommend watching one episode per day, 5-6 days a week. A smaller frequency might make it more difficult to understand, while watching several episodes a day might be too much information to process. Unless, of course, if the Holy Spirit fills your mind and you feel up to it, then you can watch 2 or 3 episodes in a row.

Because of the grave concern raised by the last prophecy, it is the mission of this church, or congregation, to spread awareness and help Christians worldwide prepare for the End Times. However, we must remain humble as No one knows the day or the hour of the return of Jesus Christ ... we do, however, know that it is AFTER the tribulation. 

It is equally critical to transmit this knowledge to future generations, if the Apocalypse does not happen during our lifetime, so that they too might be prepared.

If you don't have time to watch the Book of Revelation series right away, program it in your agenda, but watch this documentary urgently:

After the Tribulation

After the Tribulation is a good introduction to watch before either 22-episodes series on the Book of Revelation. You can watch it to get the most important information on the coming End Times. However, you then need to watch either 22-episode series for an in depth Biblical study and explanation on Revelation. 

Also, watch my revisit of After the Tribulation:

After the Tribulation revisited by Benoît Mussche

References: the entire book of Revelation, the last book from the Bible

(en français: le livre de l'Apocalypse ou Révélation)

If you have particular interest in the timing of the Rapture, you may also watch this sermon instead:

Overwhelming Biblical evidence of post-Trib, pre-Wrath Rapture

It is a sermon from Pastor Steven Anderson, with added overlays, calculations and charts to make it easier to follow.